Gazpromneft — lubricants

"GazpromNeft - Lubticants" LLC official distributer

“TransVL” LLC. is an official distributer of “Gaspromneft’ – lubricants“ LLC in Sakhalin region. With the signing of licensed agreement between “Gaspromneft’ – lubricants“ and Chevron our company, as a distributer, entered the global net Chevron in oil delivery. It allows to provide marine oils to our Customers for more than 800 ports all over the world.

Marine oils are produced in Omsk factory of lubricants (OFL), where there is the most modern complex in mixing and packing of oils. The total annual amount of it is 300 000 tons. 

Product compatibility tests of Chevron, Gaspromneft Ocean and similar products of competitive partners are usually held during the process of producing lubricants. It’s impossible to introduce a new product on the market if it isn’t compatible with similar lubricants of the competitors.

So as a result Gaspromneft lubricants are absolutely compatible with lubricants of our competitors in similar using. For example, oil of Taro Special is absolutely compatible with cylinder oils which are produced by Mobil, Exxon, Shell, Castrol and others.

The same situation is with trunk, turbine and transmission oils of different companies. It means that these oils can be safely added with recommended products of Chevron and Gaspromneft Ocean under the circumstances that all necessary procedures (adding of not more than 10% of fresh oil for one time) must be done. Unused lubricants from different providers, as it is demonstrated in the scheme of vessel lubrication, can be mixed in different proportions.


Engine oils

Additional oil and lubricants